Joe Biden is unwanted and unpopular according to election pollsters

 June 18, 2023

President Joe Biden has kicked off his reelection campaign, and the mood around his reelection effort is sour and unenthusiastic according to pollsters.

The president's reelection campaign kickoff has been plagued by questions about his alleged corruption and enrichment schemes.

His son, Hunter Biden, is the subject of an extensive investigation by the House Oversight Committee that threatens to drag the president down. Luckily for Biden, the FBI and the mainstream media are working overtime to shield him from the investigation.

The good news ends there for Biden. Democrat pollster John Zogby stated, "Yet President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is stuck at 41%. And Biden is actually trailing former President Donald Trump in most head-to-head matchups. It appears that voters, including many fellow Democrats, simply think he is too old to run for reelection. Somehow that is overriding any positive message. And clearly, Democrats do not want Vice President Kamala Harris to run for the top job. All is not lost, but today it is looking bleak for the president."

Zogby's polling partner, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin, painted a much bleaker picture. Babbin said, "President Joe Biden had a root canal dental procedure that lasted two days. Thanks to his decisions and statements, the nation metaphorically had one that lasted all week. Having made a short written statement to commemorate the 79th anniversary of D-Day, Biden had about one thousand from the LGBTQ community at the White House to celebrate gay pride month. The event was topped off by a trans influencer baring her breasts at one point. The Biden crew later banned “her” from the White House."

It has been a bad week for Biden, and the future doesn't look good. President Biden doesn't have a good message for Americans, and he isn't getting any younger. It seems his campaign is doomed before it even got off the ground.