Joe Biden begging Supreme Court to postpone ruling on student debt cancellation plan

December 5, 2022

President Joe Biden is begging the Supreme Court to postpone a ruling on his student debt cancellation plan after the panel announced it would be hearing arguments on the controversial debt forgiveness plan.

The Supreme Court plans to hear the case brought by six Republican-led states. The case made it to the Supreme Court after the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the president's signature program.

President Biden has already attempted to postpone hearings in another case challenging his student debt forgiveness plan, a move which was rejected by the Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

The president's student debt forgiveness plan is estimated to cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, and Republicans are working hard to get the Supreme Court to deal a death blow to the scheme.

President Biden and his team seem to believe that they stand a better chance if they can delay the hearings.

However, considering the conservative slant on the Supreme Court, it seems highly unlikely that student debt forgiveness at the cost of billions to taxpayers is going to find success.