Joe Biden Involved In Impeachable Offense

 March 18, 2023

President Joe Biden and his family have been exposed for impeachable offenses, according to recent shocking news.

A recent report of payments from a Chinese Communist Party-linked company to members of President Joe Biden’s family amounts to a potential case for bribery, which is an impeachable offense.

"The House Oversight Committee revealed that in 2017, China’s State Energy HK Limited sent $3 million to a company controlled by family associate Robert Walker, who in turn distributed funds to members of Biden’s family: his surviving son, Hunter; his brother, James; his daughter-in-law, Hallie; and an unknown 'Biden,'" reports Breitbart News.

"State Energy HK Limited was linked to CEFC China Energy, whose chairman, Ye Jianming, did business with Hunter Biden," reports Breitbart News. "CEFC was also involved in an abandoned joint venture with the Biden family in which someone referred to as the 'big guy,' and presumed to be then-former Vice President Biden, was to have a 10% stake."

According to Hunter Biden’s legal team, Hunter engaged in a "legitimate" private business exchange with a Chinese company: "As part of that joint venture, Hunter received his portion of good faith seed funds which he shared with his uncle, James Biden, and Hallie Biden, with whom he was involved with at the time, and sharing expenses."

"Hunter Biden’s overseas business ventures had been recognized as early as 2015 as a potential conflict of interest for his father," reported Breitbart News. "Diplomats and journalists questioned Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where he earned $83,333 per month, despite lacking relevant expertise, while his father was in office."

Any concerns about Hunter's business dealings or conflicts of interest were pushed aside by then-Vice President Joe Biden's office. The issue was never resolved.