Biden has voter enthusiasm problem with election rapidly approaching

 April 22, 2024

President Joe Biden's reelection campaign is suffering from a massive voter enthusiasm problem with the election in November drawing rapidly closer.

A recent visit to a gas station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania made it clear just how unpopular Biden is with voters who are dangerously apathetic about him. Patrons at the establishment hardly seemed to care with the exception of a few individuals who were clearly strong supporters.

Video of Biden's visit to the gas station illustrates just how unpopular he really is. He attempted to initiate a conversation with a girl but she wasn't interested and Biden was forced to move along quickly as cameras were rolling.

In sharp contrast, former President Donald Trump recently visited a bodega in New York City and was promptly swarmed by hundreds of New Yorkers who tried to get a glimpse of Trump.

Biden can't pull crowds in blue areas while Trump is going into liberal strongholds and stirring up massive enthusiastic crowds.

Trump supporter Alex Bruesewitz illustrated the contrast between Biden and Trump writing, "Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station today because he wanted to try to replicate Trump’s Harlem bodega, where clerk Jose Alba defended himself while a violent customer attacked him in July 2022. It didn’t work. No one cheered. No one was excited to see him. Americans absolutely despise this crooked old fool.”