Biden slammed for 'cleaner air' tweet in wake of Ohio train derailment

 February 15, 2023

President Joe Biden is handing out more "tone deaf" promises that he surely will not keep, while at the same time ignoring the suffering of Americans.

"Biden was panned for a tweet Tuesday promising that climate investments will ensure 'our kids will breathe cleaner air' as his administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is under fire for its handling of the Ohio train derailment and health concerns over toxic chemicals are mounting," reported Fox News.

Meanwhile, toxic chemicals spew into the air in Ohio, causing evacuations and sick/dying animals.

"Because of our climate investments, our kids will breathe cleaner air, drink safer water, and get to school powered by clean energy," Biden tweeted.

The president added to his tweet, "That’s the future we’re building," mentioning EPA Administrator Michael Regan, "let’s finish the job."

Of course, Twitter users had fun with this one, calling Biden's words "tone deaf."

The backlash came as concerned residents who live miles away from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment are saying that they are still smelling lingering odors of toxic chemicals in the air.

"Some reported developing worsening coughs. Others expressed fears of drinking or bathing in the water coming from their faucets despite water utilities across state lines in West Virginia taking precautions and local officials assuring it’s safe," reported Fox News.

Leave it to Biden to come in hot with a poorly timed tweet. He's so out of touch with what's going on.

Source: Fox News