Republican Rep. Bob Good: 'Biden wants more abortion'

 February 10, 2023

Republican Representative Bob Good of Virginia said President Joe Biden "wants more abortion" and is "threatening his administration to declare a national state of emergency" on the issue.

Biden "used to claim to be pro-life," Good said. "Tell me how you go from recognizing the sanctity of life and believing that abortion should be limited — as a senator, for many years, that was what he claimed to believe — to now, he celebrates abortion. He wants more abortion. He wants taxpayers to have to pay for it. He doesn’t want any restrictions up to the moment of birth," Good said.

"He’s even threatening his administration to declare a national state of emergency in order to undermine the ability of states to restrict abortion, as the respective citizens of those states have authorized their legislators to do," Good said.

"The Democrat Party and President Biden in general have become radical on the issue of abortion. A very small number — percentage — of the country is for no restriction on abortion up until the moment of birth — what President Biden and his party has become today," Good added.

"Part of the Biden administration’s push to increase abortion is coming through the Department of Defense, where they are looking at setting up abortion clinics on military installations that are not subject to state law. This may only affect servicemembers for now, but some fear the model could be used to allow civilians to route state law as well," reported Breitbart.

"What they want to do is pay for citizens to travel outside of their state to get abortions," Good continued. "They want to pay for the military to obtain abortions. Heck, they want to pay for the military to have 'transgender' surgery! They think that’s important as well."

"So, they are radical on their views that are contrary to what the American people are on 'transgender' policy as well as on abortion policy," Good concluded.

Good called for House Republicans to stand for life, saying, "I am 100 percent pro-life from conception. Not everybody’s at that position, but certainly a very small percentage of Americans are where the Democrats are so radical on abortion."

Source: Breitbart News