Joe Biden crushing American energy industry and empowering Saudi Arabia

November 20, 2022

President Joe Biden is crushing American energy and enriching our enemies abroad. Unless someone stops him, the American people will pay a harsh price.

While campaigning for Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman before the midterm elections, President Biden promised that "We're going to be shutting these [coal] plants down all across America."

The president and his administration have made it clear since day one that they will go to war with American energy in the name of protecting the environment. However, President Biden and his cronies seem to have no problems with importing dirty oil from nations that don't like us.

Breitbart News' James Pinkerton wrote, "We could be producing more energy here at home, but we're not. Why not? Because Biden chose to put 'green' ahead of not only 'national prosperity,' but also, 'national security.' In the words of free-market-minded observer Steve Milloy, 'The most effective action to counteract the cut in Saudi oil production would be to ease the regulatory burden and offer unabashed support for the American oil and gas industry…. But Biden won't do so.'"

President Biden is content to put the United States in a position where we are beholden to potentially hostile entities like Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Pinkerton went on to compare President Biden's horrific foreign policy to that of former President Jimmy Carter. Every American needs to realize that we have been here before, and the results were not pretty.

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