Biden Wrongly Declares He Has 4, Not 5 Granddaughters

 May 29, 2023

President Joe Biden is getting old, and he's not only failing miserably at running the country, he's also unable to remember how many grandchildren he has.

Biden recently claimed he had four granddaughters, despite having five.

The misstep came at a White House event with the NCAA championship-winning LSU women's basketball team in attendance.

"Thank you all again for your for your patience for being here. Look, there’s an awful lot to be proud of. And the way in which women’s sports has come along is just incredible," Biden said to the team. "And you and you’re changing the — and it’s not just in sports is across the board and every single thing."

Biden then said women are the "real athletes" in his family.

"And it’s really neat to see, since I’ve got four granddaughters, we had some pretty good athletes," said Biden. "I wasn’t a bad athlete, my brothers weren’t, but all the real athletes in this family are women."

Biden has a fifth granddaughter whom he never acknowledges. Her name is Navy Joan, and she's Hunter Biden’s daughter.

The embattled first son conceived Joan with former stripper Lunden Roberts in 2018.

The conception occurred shortly before Biden launched his 2020 campaign.

"Hunter Biden is in an ongoing legal battle with Roberts over child support. Although Hunter Biden pays child support to Roberts, he appeared in an Arkansas court earlier this month to request his $20,000 child support payments be reduced," reported Breitbart.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been asked Biden’s refusal to recognize Navy Joan.

"How come they haven’t acknowledged the seventh grandchild?" Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter.

"I’m not going to speak to that from here," she answered.