Joe Biden Approval Rating Poor On Key Issues: Poll

 February 21, 2023

I certainly didn't vote for Joe Biden, but once the old man took office I was obviously rooting for him. It was time to put aside my conservative bias and admit that if Biden did a good job that makes the country better, then we should appreciate him for it.

The problem is that Biden's been doing almost exactly the opposite, failing on many key issues since day one of his presidency.

Remember his premature evacuation in Afghanistan?

The baby formula shortage?

Remember when children's medicine couldn't be found on the shelves?

We never paid $6 for a gallon of gas or 12 eggs when Donald Trump was president.

Come to think of it, back then we didn't have a wide-open southern border, made that way by putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of it.

I'm not the only one saying these things either. America agrees he is failing.

A recent Harvard poll proved exactly that, showing that the majority of Americans, 55%, disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

I'm surprised it isn't higher.