Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are terrified of Americans choosing RFK Jr.

November 13, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr's independent presidential campaign has Joe Biden and the Democrat Party panicking and worried that Americans will break the two-party system by voting for the unexpected challenger in large numbers.

The establishment in Washington, D.C. comprised of career Republicans and Democrats alike is extremely threatened by the prospect of a third-party candidate mounting a legitimate challenge to Joe Biden next year.

Multiple polls have come out that show RFK is beating both Trump and Biden with independent voters and those under 45 years of age.

Typically, Democrat and Republican nominees battle over the independent voter bloc because there simply isn't another choice, something that reinforces the two-party system and maintains the status quo in D.C.

Now Americans who are angry with both the Republican and Democrat Party and want to see real change have found what they believe is a legitimate option in RFK Jr.

Establishment media have been attacking RFK since day one, but that will only get more intense the stronger his support grows in the coming month with the election under a year away.

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