Joe Biden Blames Partisan Divide For Border Crisis

 January 9, 2023

President Joe Biden blamed the Republican Party for the southern border invasion.

"Biden’s statement that Republicans are to blame for the border crisis was followed by a claim that partisan divisiveness has prevented immigration solutions," reports Breitbart. "Under Democrat rule, 2.2 million illegal migrants have overrun the border in fiscal year 2022, a 33 percent increase from 2021."

"I sent congress a comprehensive piece of legislation that would completely overhaul what has been a broken immigration system for a long time," said Biden in his speech blaming the Republican Party.

"Biden alleged preventing illegal immigration is a priority but Republicans have opposed his plan," reports Breitbart, with the president saying:

Cracking down on illegal immigration, strengthening legal immigration and protecting dreamers, those with temporary protective status, like farm workers, are part of the fabric of our nation.

But congressional republicans have refused to consider my plan and they rejected my retest for an additional $3.5 billion to secure the border and funds for 2,000 new asylum personnel.

Our politics have been so divisive. I know it’s getting much better, but it’s been so darned divisive [that] it clouds the picture. Republicans haven’t been serious about it at all [about a solution]. Come on. They haven’t been serious at all all.

It is clear that immigration is a political issue and extreme republicans will always run on, but now they have a choice. They can keep using immigration to score political points or they can help solve the problem. They can help solve the problem and come together to fix the broken system.

Source: Breitbart