Job Creators Network To Sue Biden

 April 22, 2023

Joe Biden could soon have another MAJOR problem on his hands.

A lawsuit from the Job Creators Network Foundation Legal Action Fund is reportedly coming his way.

The group plans to sue over proposed vehicle emissions standards that the White House unveiled earlier in April of 2023.

Biden's White House asserts that the regulations would prevent the emission of "roughly 10 billion tons of CO2" and lower consumer costs and push a transition to clean energy-reliant vehicles.

"Cars and truck manufacturers have made clear that the future of transportation is electric. The market is moving," the White House said. "The United States can seize this moment to secure American leadership in the global race to a clean transportation future or let competitors like China out-compete us for the jobs and investments building that future."

The Job Creators Network did NOT agree. Its president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz explained why:

The Biden administration’s new emissions regulations are extreme, not technically feasible, will cost jobs, and increase transportation and energy costs. They’re even bad for the environment. When finalized, Job Creators Network Foundation’s Legal Action Fund plans to file suit to block this executive overreach that runs afoul of the Supreme Court’s 'major questions doctrine.' This precedent, set last year, holds that only Congress has the power to make sweeping changes to the American economy – such as forcing the electrification of the auto industry in nine years – when existing federal statutes aren’t clear. JCNF’s LAF will stand up for ordinary Americans and small businesses by suing to block this latest example of illegal executive overreach.