Jim Jordan reveals possible charges leading to Biden impeachment

 June 26, 2023

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed what Republicans would likely use to impeach President Joe Biden during an interview on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures.

Jordan made it clear that if sufficient evidence of bribery or treason emerges, Republicans will immediately impeach the president.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked Jordan, "We don’t know if he’s taken in $10 million, $30 million, $100 million from all of these foreign adversaries and foreign nationals. But there are some members of your committees that are talking about impeachment. Is that on the table?"

Jordan responded by saying, "It sure is and look, we’re driven by the facts and by the Constitution. If the facts show that there’s high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery, treason, whatever, if the facts show that there is — there is the crime there that warrants impeachment, then, by our — our duty compels us. But we have to first get all the facts on the table."

The lawmaker finished by saying, "We will continue to do our investigation, let Mr. Comer and the Oversight Committee complete their investigation, and then look at all that. But if the Constitution dictates we go forward, then we will have to go forward, but that — we’re not there yet. We got to continue to do the investigation."

Hopefully the investigation won't take too much longer thanks to troves of evidence from whistleblowers. President Biden needs to removed from office as soon as possible.