Jim Jordan: Liberal 'Stonewalling Must Stop'

 January 18, 2023

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. His goal? Get Joe Biden and his team to stop "stonewalling."

Take, for example, Jordan's recent effort to request investigations from Biden administration officials. He wanted to dig deeper into the Biden administration's improper use of the FBI to go after parents who wanted to attend and be vocal at local school board meetings.

Despite Jordan taking all of the required steps, the liberals simply said "no."

They gave some baloney government answer, but the simple truth is that they don't want to look into the people that Jordan and the rest of the country know need to be investigated.

"The Biden White House provided a perfunctory letter that discounted Congress’s constitutional oversight authorities, failed to produce any documents or information requested, and declined to address any matters of substance," Jordan said.

After Jordan's request was denied, he resent the inquiries, along with a stern message to liberals to stop impeding progress so that the rest of America can move forward, saying simply, "This stonewalling must stop."