Jim Jordan Demands Immediate Answers From FBI

 January 28, 2023

Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, has put in an official request to former FBI official Timothy Thibault for him to "immediately cooperate" with the House Judiciary Committee.

Thibault has been a major target for Jim Jordan since last summer. Jordan is determined to clean up the FBI, and Thibault is one of the dirty men who let the bureau become as corrupt as it is.

Last year, it was learned that Thibault had been pressuring agents to inflate "domestic violent extreme" cases when liberals needed a reason to prevent parents from having a voice in their kids' educations.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has revealed that whistleblowers told him that Thibault is also guilty of stonewalling "a line of investigation into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden in October 2020, weeks ahead of Joe Biden’s presidential race."

Thibault isn't working for America. He never has been.

He's been doing the liberals' dirty work this entire time, and using our tax dollars to do it.