Jim Jordan Asks Former Spies For Help In Hunter Biden Case

December 3, 2022

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has an ace up his sleeve when it comes to people who could help him nail Hunter Biden:


The top Republican of the Judiciary Committee will have subpoena power in the near future. If he needs to, he's not going to be shy about using it on former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper or former CIA Director John Brennan.

That's because those two clowns made a huge attempt to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story back in 2020.

Their plan at least worked a little, as Hunter's true actions on that laptop weren't revealed until after Daddy Joe had already won the presidency.

Jordan and other Republicans are demanding that Clapper and/or Brennan come forward and talk about WHY they worked so hard to deceive America.

If they're not going to do it willingly, that's fine with Jordan.

Subpoena power is going to be a lot more influential than either Clapper or Brennan are.