Jill Biden to headline major re-election fundraisers in Joe Biden's place

June 13, 2023

First lady Jill Biden will appear solo (without husband Joe) at four major re-election fundraising events this week in California and New York, capitalizing on her relative popularity compared to that of her husband.

At 72, Jill Biden is nine years younger than the president, and she comes across with much more vitality.

Two of the four events are in the San Fransico Bay area, one is in Los Angeles, and one is in New York.

Republican strategist Doug Heye seemed to think sending Jill was a good move, telling Fox News that presidents' wives are typically well-liked by independent voters.

People are also less likely to criticize them. "If you’re criticizing the first lady, that can backfire," Heye said.

Biden's campaign had already let it be known that he would be sending a series of surrogates out to do much of the campaigning this time around, but voters could tire of their lack of access to him over the course of a long campaign.

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