Jill Biden Now Giving Interviews On Husband's Behalf

 January 9, 2024

Well, many of us would have guessed it was coming to this.

The Biden giving interviews and doing the publicity tour for the 2024 campaign is no longer Joe.

Jill Biden appears to be the face of the first family now.

Joe Biden's health is deteriorating so badly that he has to hide in his basement instead of getting out and meeting the public.

Despite liberals constantly telling us that Joe Biden's advanced age and lack of stamina is no issue, Americans aren't blind, and we've seen issue after issue being caused by Joe Biden's lack of vim and vigor.

Jill Biden recently agreed to sit down with MSNBC and give an interview, something that Joe Biden hasn't been keen to do.

It's not just MSNBC either, Joe Biden enters 2024 on what Fox News is calling a "dry spell" of interviews.

That's not an accident. Joe Biden's simply too old to get it done. Liberals are hoping Jill can cover for him.