Jill Biden gives up understatement with state dinner dress

By Jen Krausz on
 April 12, 2024

According to Washington Post writer Rachel Tashjian, first lady Jill Biden's dress for the state dinner in honor of Japan was a departure from her previous fashion choices, which Tashjian claimed blended mostly into the background.

Her dress was mostly beige, but it had subtle elements of blue that got more intense as they moved up to her face.

The dress happened to match the wife of Japan's prime minister Yuko Kishida's bright blue dress, but was more understated.

Even so, it stood out more than most of Biden's other wardrobe choices, according to Tashjian, who took it as "throwing down the gauntlet" to be bolder and more fashion-forward during the rest of her husband's re-election campaign.

Obviously, how people dress matters somewhat in people's perception of them, but it hardly seems to matter as much as how the economy is doing (not great) or how many illegal immigrants are streaming across the border and into various cities around the country (way too many).

If Tashjian thinks Jill Biden's dresses are going to get her husband re-elected, she's living in a fantasy world. And she should watch how much she aims to stand out, since people already think she's way too involved in her husband's administration anyway.