Jill Biden Demands Joe Eat Better, As His Health Remains In Question

 May 15, 2023

Apparently, President Joe Biden wants to have his cake and eat it too.

There's a battle inside the Biden White House over what's on the president's dinner plate.

"The food fight has pitted Joe Biden — who prefers carbs over greens — against First Lady Jill Biden, who has been pushing the commander-in-chief to eat more fish and veggies whether he likes them or not (he doesn't)," reported Axios.

The argument between Dr. Jill and Grandpa Joe matters because Biden's diet is just one of the many steps being taken to keep the very, very old president (80) healthy as he gets ready to run for another term.

It's been repeatedly noted by Biden aides that he eats "like a child."

Biden's favorites include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, BLT's, pizza, cookies, spaghetti with butter and red sauce, and ice cream sundaes, according to Biden aides.

"In September 2021, the president's sister Val came to the White House for a private dinner, and the first lady selected their entree: salmon in a pastry shell with a medley of vegetables," reported Axios.

"Damn, she makes me eat this healthy stuff all the time," Biden said about the meal.

"With the first lady out of sight, Biden had some lemon pound cake and finished a carton of Breyer's chocolate chip ice cream for dessert," Val said.