Jill Biden accuses reporter of 'screaming' at her, then leaves without answering questions

By Jen Krausz on
 July 9, 2024

First lady Jill Biden resorted to false accusations against a reporter on Monday to avoid having to answer questions about whether President Joe Biden would be staying in the race for re-election after a dismal debate performance led some Democrats to say it's time for him to step aside.

As she was traveling between two of her three campaign stops, a female reporter shouted at her, "Dr. Biden, do you have any message to House Democrats who are calling for your husband to drop out of the race? How are you feeling about the state of the race?"

"Why are you screaming at me? You know me. Don't scream at me, just let me talk," Jill Biden responded.

Instead of talking, though, Biden got into a waiting car and drove off, effectively avoiding having to answer the reporter's questions, which are on everyone's minds.

Her husband, for his part, said in a letter to House Democrats and a live TV interview on Monday that he is "firmly committed" to staying in the presidential race and that he's "not going anywhere."

Even if Jill has to lie about reporters and shame them for the rest of the campaign.