Jewish man, 65, assaulted at pro-Palestinian rally, ultimately dying as a result

 November 8, 2023

As pro-Palestinian protests rage across the country and the world, some of them are becoming more dangerous -- and even deadly -- by the day.

According to Breitbart, a pro-Palestinian protest in Los Angeles turned deadly after a 65-year-old Jewish man, Paul Kessler, was killed by a pro-Palestinian protester.

The Jewish man reportedly died from injuries sustained after the protester bashed him in the head with megaphone, reports indicated.

The Jewish man's tragic and horrifying death was confirmed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

The incident was described by a local media outlet.

"Reports on social media said the man was holding an Israeli flag among the group of pro-Palestine demonstrators, when one demonstrator allegedly hit the man on the head with a megaphone. The hit allegedly caused the man to fall down and hit his head. Video on social media just showed the man on the ground holding his head after the fall," KTTV-11 wrote.

Another pro-Israel protester at the scene revealed that the person who bashed Kessler in the head, leading to his fatal fall on the ground, "stalked" Kessler prior to the incident, the New York Post reported.

"[The man] crossed the street because, as I said, he stalked us … he came over here with the megaphone in his hand to do the same thing,” Jonathan Oswaks said, recalling the tragic incident.

"Then all of a sudden, I see a punch. The reason I know I could see the punch was because it was the white megaphone flying through the air," he added.

Video of the aftermath of the horrifying incident was uploaded across social media, sparking outrage among the Jewish community.

Osawaks teamed up with Kessler a few weeks ago after meeting on an online app. The two counter-protested a previous pro-Palestinian protest and were ultimately forced into the street by aggressive protesters, even having a gun flashed at them.

The Biden administration has been mostly silent on the issue, presumably afraid to upset progressive allies.