Jesse Watters: Voter Fraud Needs To Be Investigated

November 9, 2023

Fox News' Jesse Watters has a message for America, and it's an important one.

Voter fraud appears to be thriving here in America, and our elections need to be scrutinized to the point where there is absolute certainty that the next person elected president has done so in a legitimate manner.

During a recent episode of his primetime program, Watters began, "It's Election Day in an off year, but there's a lot of action on the local level, Plus it gives them a dry run when no one's watching for the presidential. Are you confident the election is going to be safe and secure? I'm confident that it's going to be that way in Florida because they have voter I.D., no harvesting, they count the votes ahead of time, and they give you the results that night. But we need confidence in every state or else we lose faith when there's fraud, and yes, there will be voter fraud. It needs to be investigated, invalidated and prosecuted."

He went on, "In Springfield, Massachusetts, Justin Hurst is running for mayor, and he's been accused of paying people to vote for him. A surveillance video allegedly shows the candidate dropping voters off at city hall for early voting. The voters then come back out, show their "I voted early" sticker, and then get paid cash. The candidate then pulls his car back up and picks up the voters who just got paid. Hurst denies it." Watters continued:

And it's probably never happened before. Last night we told you that in Paterson, New Jersey, a politician was charged with personally taking mounds of mail in ballots, destroying ones that voted against him and making new ones that vote for him. And how did the politicians themselves get their hands on the ballots? And that's probably never happened before either. And then there's Bridgeport, Connecticut. A judge just overturned a primary election because two women were seen on surveillance, allegedly stuffing absentee ballots in drop boxes across the city. One of those women is Wanda Geter Pataky, aka 'Wanda The Stuffer.' We ran the background on Wanda. She's been breaking the law since the '80s. Charges of drug possession, assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, parole violations galore.

"Wanda is a Democratic operative who's been working to get out the vote in Connecticut for years. The state's investigating her in a separate voter fraud case from 2019. She's accused of doing the same thing for the same candidate four years ago. And in the same year she got caught stuffing, Connecticut gave Wanda an award for ballot harvesting-- ballot harvester of the year. Here she is at the Astro Turf Club for the Women's Leadership Awards brunch. Yum, yum, yum. Help me, Wanda. And she's doing it again and it's on camera. Wanda works for the city of Bridgeport. She's an "operations specialist" making about 60 grand a year. The stuffer works the front desk right outside the mayor's office. She controls who goes in and out. This summer, a constitutional activist tried to talk to the mayor. Wanda tried to kick him out and then gave him a fake name," Watters added.

"Oh, Wanda, what have you gotten into now? So, Wanda is stuffing and taking the Fifth like a seasoned pro, and that's probably never happened before. Of course it has. There's Wanda's all over America. You can arrest Wanda. You can even lock her up but there's never going to be a time where they run out of Wandas. When the ballots get stuffed by the Wandas who work the desks outside the mayor's offices, it tells you the cheating machine is entrenched. Is Wanda a bug in the system or is Wanda the system? We need cameras everywhere. We need cameras on the drop boxes, in the election centers and in the countrooms. They make police wear body cameras. We should strap body cameras to election officials. And anybody who resists transparency and security is a snake in my eyes," the host concluded.

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