Jesse Watters Says Hamas Conducting Global Misinformation Campaign

October 19, 2023

Fox News' Jesse Watters thinks he knows how so many American citizens and media organizations do not seem able to instantly see the difference between good and evil in the fight between Israel and Hamas right now.

It's because Hamas has spent quite a bit of time and money orchestrating a "global disinformation campaign," according to Jesse Watters.

"The IDF has just released surveillance footage showing a rocket launch towards Israel igniting mid-flight and then propelling directly down into Gaza. There that is right there. The surveillance camera timestamp also directly corresponds to the moment the hospital was struck. The IDF also reportedly have recorded a conversation among jihadists that links them to the misfire. This is incontrovertible evidence that Hamas orchestrated a global disinformation campaign to thwart the Israeli ground operation before it begins. Hamas has a history of blaming Israel for self-inflicted rocket accidents. And as we've been reporting, Hamas rockets are built in garages, jerry-rigged from water pipes, and 20% miss their target. But the information war is critical to Israel's enemies. These enemies don't have open societies, so lies are highly effective," Watters began.

"Iran is now warning Israel that an axis of Muslim resistance forces could be coming together to retaliate. And just breaking, European embassies are under assault. Islamists have planted a Palestinian flag into an embassy compound in Lebanon and tear gas has been deployed against a growing mob. This is almost 40 years to the day when a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into our Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 American service members. Embassies all over the region are under attack. The Israeli embassy in Turkey is being surrounded and peppered with fireworks. Jordan is also seeing Islamic protests swarm the Israeli embassy," he continued. Watters went on:

And meanwhile, a second front appears to be opening up in northern Israel. Hezbollah was just caught planting explosives alongside the Israeli border. The terrorists could be laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion. Israel so far has neutralized incursions into their northern flank. But for the past 72 hours, Hezbollah has been exchanging heavy artillery fire with the IDF. Intelligence sources tell 'Primetime' that this new northern front is slowing down Israel's ground assault in the south.

"Intelligence indicates Hezbollah is timing their northern campaign to coincide with Israel's ground operations in Gaza, stretching the IDF thin and complicating their mission. The longer Israel delays its ground invasion of Gaza, the more dangerous it gets. Hamas has begun striking key Israeli cities with a blizzard of missiles. The Iron Dome is currently blocking missiles descending into the capital of Tel Aviv where President Biden is set to visit tomorrow. The Iron Dome is being tested. The war appears to be opened on two fronts, and Iran is mobilizing the entire Islamic world as embassies are under attack," Watters concluded.