Jesse Watters says Biden and Hillary Clinton are 'cut from the same cloth'

October 8, 2023

Fox News host Jesse Watters compared Hillary Clinton to President Joe Biden on Friday after Clinton suggested that Trump supporters should have "formal deprogramming" and called them bigots.

He said:

Along came Hillary, who hated you. She winced when she had to walk into a diner, shake hands, listen to you. No, no, no. Hillary believed she was better than you, and she knew what was good for you. She didn't want to waste time listening. She knew all the answers already. So, if you didn't support Hillary, you must have a wicked soul. She took it personally. "They must not like me because I'm a woman. They must not like my policies because they're racist. How can anybody not like me when I have such good intentions?" This is why she called Trump voters "deplorable."

Later in the monologue, he tied Clinton in with President Joe Biden, who has displayed a similar attitude toward the Trump supporters he calls "MAGA Republicans":

Hillary made no effort to understand why the country preferred Trump. She intentionally disconnected herself from the people and then was bewildered by his election. "Had to have been Russia that rigged it." Her arrogance didn't allow her to see that her position on trade, immigration, foreign policy wasn't what we wanted. Not to mention her condescending attitude. Joe Biden is cut from the very same cloth. He takes everything personally and loses his temper when voters ask him direct questions. Instead of listening and persuading, Biden snaps.

It's understandable that Democrats like Clinton and Biden react this way because no one in the establishment media challenges them no matter how far out there they sound.

When you live in a liberal bubble, it's difficult to understand that people could have legitimate opposite viewpoints.

Their attitudes explain a lot about why people don't like them, even though Biden was a little better at hiding it than Clinton until after he was elected.