Jesse Watters calls out 'local elections systems' as 'vulnerable and weak'

November 18, 2023

Fox News primetime host Jesse Watters labeled "local elections systems" as "vulnerable and weak" on his show Jesse Watters Primetime on Thursday, citing several instances of alleged ballot fraud.

He said:

Local election systems across America are weak and vulnerable. Wanda the ballot-stuffer from Connecticut proved that, but there are lots of Wandas running around, tinkering with our elections — and now "Primetime" has learned of a new Wanda, this time in Massachusetts. NBC10 Boston spoke to a man who claims three ballots were stolen from him in Lawrence, Mass., right before last week's election, and he's got it on video.

Watters was gratified to know that the state attorney's office is taking it seriously and may join the case.

He continued:

It's a dirty trick and we're sick of it. "Primetime" reached out to the Massachusetts secretary of state, and they said they're "aware of the incident" and they're seeing it as "a criminal matter." They "referred it to the D.A. for investigation and prosecution." That is good, and the D.A.'s office told us the state police are investigating, which is good.

He also cited a Lawrence woman who told NBC 10 that her mail-in ballot had been forged.

The alleged incidents took place in Massachusetts, but the same potential clearly exists in other jurisdictions as well.