Jeb Bush Announces Support For Ron DeSantis

 February 28, 2023

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush didn't have that great of a presidential effort in 2016, being that he was one of the main targets of Donald Trump's mockery on the Republican side of things.

Trump famously argued that George W. Bush did NOT keep us safe during the early 2000s, and that weakness must run in the family.

Perhaps it's because of that, or perhaps it's about Jeb's Florida ties, but Jeb Bush is not supporting Donald Trump in 2024.

Instead, he's throwing his last name's weight behind the man many consider to be the person most likely to unseat Trump at the top of the Republican party:

Ron DeSantis.

Now, Florida Ron hasn't even declared he'll be making an effort toward the presidency in 2024, but that didn't stop Jeb Bush from announcing he was fully endorsing DeSantis.

Whether it was vice presidential service during Ronald Reagan's tenure or the Bush family's own time in the Oval Office, being in the White House for that long as a family gives some serious political credibility. Jeb didn't do that poorly himself, rising to the rank of Governor of one of the biggest states in America. He just didn't make it to the top, but he thinks Ron can accomplish what he himself didn't.