JD Vance: Joe Biden 'Clearly Just Not Fully There'

 February 9, 2023

Senator J.D. Vance, a Republican from Ohio, has used his spot in Congress to get closer to President Joe Biden than most Americans could ever dream of.

Unfortunately for Joe, getting close to him just proves that he's even worse than what Americans can already tell from afar.

Vance has picked up on it immediately since taking office, saying our aging president is "clearly just not fully there." He said:

I met Joe Biden once before in my life, in 2016, and he’s just a different guy now. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, maybe it’s just the accelerated process of aging, but he’s clearly just not fully there.

"I have no problem saying that, having just seen him sort of up close and personal," he continued, adding:

I was probably five or so rows back. That’s one thing that came out of it. If you look at how many times he stumbled, he seemed to get confused or got caught up with a scripted speech with the teleprompter right in front of him, it just made me realize that we have some serious problems in the Oval Office.