James O'Keefe removed from Project Veritas after board dispute

By Jen Krausz on
 February 21, 2023

Former Veritas Project CEO James O'Keefe was removed from his position on Monday after a dispute with the board, according to some reports, but confusion persists about exactly what happened to O'Keefe's leadership role in the organization.

America News Network’s (OANN) Neil McCabe, a former Project Veritas employee, said that O'Keefe resigned from the organization, but spokesman for Veritas Project R.C. Maxwell said he was removed from the role.

A board review discovered that 16 employees had complaints of heavy-handedness against O'Keefe, but that wasn't the only think he was accused of doing wrong.

He also allegedly paid for person items and luxuries using the non-profit's donor money, including $150,000 on black cars and $14,000 to meet with someone to fix his boat. The board called his payments "financial malfeasance."

The board has repeated said it wanted to talk to O'Keefe about the accusations, but O'Keefe showed up Monday and packed up his personal items without responding.

Prior to his removal, O'Keefe was suspended from the position and stripped of decision-making authority.