James Comer To Begin Deposing Biden Business Partners

The GOP-led House Oversight Committee appears to be ready to finally get to the bottom of the Biden family and their crimes.

Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, recently confirmed that his committee "is set to begin deposing Biden family business associates in the coming weeks and months."

"We will have Devon Archer, the first person who was involved in the Hunter Biden business dealings — he will be the first person we depose," Comer said. "We have a list of who’s who that were involved in the Biden organization that we plan on deposing throughout the summer."

Perhaps you've heard of the man Comer promises will be the first person deposed, Devon Archer.

Archer is Hunter Biden's "best friend in business," and had been connected to many of the same types of crimes that Hunter Biden has been suspected of having committed.

For example, Archer landed in hot water in 2022 for defrauding a Native American tribal entity. He was ordered to pay almost $44,000,000 in damages.