James Comer Says Joe Biden Was 'Most Corrupt VP In USA History'

September 1, 2023

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has been investigating the Biden family for a while. That's why when he comes up with a conclusion about Old Joe, America can probably trust his opinion.

Comer recently explained to America exactly what Joe Biden would be remembered for:

Namely, being the "most corrupt VP in US history."

That's saying something. Richard Nixon was our VP once, and look at how his story ended.

Comer is saying that the facts on Biden seem to get worse and worse each day.

"Every day, the evidence continues to grow that would support impeachment," the Republican from Kentucky said. He added:

I don't think any vice president in the history of America was more corrupt than Joe Biden. And certainly, we're concerned that all the corruption that he benefited from in his family benefited from while he was vice president could have tainted his presidency and made him vulnerable, made our country vulnerable, made him compromised.

He's right.

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