Jack Smith's team admits same crime with which it's charging Trump

By Jen Krausz on
 August 3, 2023

In an ironic twist, special counsel Jack Smith's team has now admitted that it committed the same offense as one it is charging former President Donald Trump with.

Smith's team admitted in one of its court filings this week that it failed to turn over all the evidence it had against Trump -- despite saying that it had done so.

One of the prosecution's charges against Trump is that he told his lawyers to say all of the classified documents he had were turned over to them when they had, in fact, not been.

Smith's team violated the so-called Brady Rule when it failed to upload some of the surveillance footage it had seized from Mar-A-Lago. This rule allows defendants to see all the evidence against them, so violating it could lead to an unfair trial.

Wonder if they'll be taken to court and charged for that the way they are charging Trump?

Or will it just be a little "oopsie" that gets overlooked while the case moves on?