Jack Smith's Plan Is Clear For America To See

 December 14, 2023

Jack Smith thought that his plan wouldn't be seen coming from a mile away, but the idea was shut down as quickly as it started.

We ALL know what Smith is really after in his prosecutions of Donald Trump.

These aren't real criminal cases, and Smith isn't actually worried about the charges.

He has one goal, and one goal only:

That is, to make sure that Trump does NOT win the 2024 election.

How he makes it happen doesn't really matter to Smith.

Whether it's actually securing a guilty verdict, bleeding Trump's finances dry, or simply preventing him from campaigning, everything Smith has done lately has been designed to prevent the former president from winning the 2024 election.

Christina Bobb, an attorney representing Trump's Save America PAC, told America EXACTLY what Smith is up to with regard to Smith's attempt to secure a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on Trump's claim of immunity in the federal election interference case.

Hint: it's NOT pursuing justice.

"It's a playbook that Jack Smith has done before that he's trying to do the same thing to Donald Trump that he did to Bob McDonnell in Virginia," Bobb said on Eric Bolling The Balance. "And it's important that this appeal go as quickly as it possibly can for Jack Smith in order to keep the timeline, in order to be able to do exactly what he did with Bob McDonnell."