Jack Smith's indictments against Trump have gloriously backfired

September 27, 2023

Many believe that Democratic forces, through President Joe Biden's Department of Justice, have worked overtime to stain former President Donald Trump's image and hamstring his reputation in the court of public opinion.

Special Counsel Jack Smith, on behalf of the Justice Department, has issued two federal indictments against the former president, but so far, if the above is true, it has certainly backfired in spectacular fashion.

That's been evidenced in numerous polls over the past few months, as Trump is not only not being hurt by the indictments, he's actually getting stronger.

Breitbart pointed out a recent poll that proves Trump's dominance in the GOP primary race is unmatchable.

A mind-blowing Morning Consult survey released earlier this week showed that Trump is leading by a country mile against his Republican opponents, including Gov. Ron DeSantis (D), who was once thought to be Trump's most formidable opponent.

The former president scored 58% of support in the survey, smoking DeSantis, who only garnered 15%, by 43 points.

Breitbart noted:

Anti-woke businessman Vivek Ramaswamy came just six points behind with nine percent support and is followed closely by both former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence, with seven percent and six percent, respectively.

The rest of the field scored only 2% support or less, proving that whatever they're doing isn't working and that it's probably time to consider dropping out and coalescing behind someone who has an actual shot.

Trump has not only gained position in most state and national polls since his indictments, but he's also managed to choke out other GOP candidates' in the mainstream media, giving them little to no attention.

The 45th president has also used his indictments in brilliant political strategy, specifically the mugshot from his Georgia indictment that was immediately turned into fundraising merchandise.

The second GOP primary debate was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California Wednesday night. Trump opted to skip the debate as he did the first one, and instead met with striking UAW autoworkers in Michigan a day after President Joe Biden spent 12 minutes doing the same before jetting off to a fundraiser.

Clearly, Trump isn't even worried about the GOP primary, as he has it in the bag. He's playing chess and making massive gains in support from circles previously untouchable by Republican candidates.

In a recent ABC News/Washington Post survey, Trump bested Biden by a whopping 10 points. The Post was so triggered by its own poll that it reported it as an "outlier" in one of its more embarrassing moments.

His political enemies can throw all the indictments and attacks they want against him, but it's crystal clear that Trump is eating each and every one of them, and only growing more powerful by the day.

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