Dershowitz: Jack Smith Working To Influence 2024 Election

 December 19, 2023

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz recently appeared on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures.

While there, he pulled back the curtain on what special counsel Jack Smith is trying to do to Donald Trump.

I definitely do NOT have a law degree or understand the American political system like Dershowitz does, so when somebody like him speaks, I listen.

Dershowitz is sounding the alarm, and for good reason.

He's saying that Smith doesn't ACTUALLY care what happens to Donald Trump in terms of criminal convictions, all Smith is trying to do is interfere with the 2024 election enough so that the former president doesn't have the time, energy, or money required to make it back into the White House.

"It's very hard to prove fraud by government agencies, but I think in the court of public opinion, what we're seeing is an attempt to get down and dirty convictions of Donald Trump. Of course, they're going to get convictions if they bring trial in New York City or in the District of Columbia and Fulton County, knowing that it's very likely that a number of these convictions be reversed on appeal after the election. And that really does constitute a kind of election fraud, misusing the criminal justice system to influence an election," Dershowitz said.

The esteemed legal commentator continued, "You know, the Department of Justice has regulation saying never, never, ever timed prosecutions to have an impact on the elections. And these manipulations are clearly designed to have an impact on the elections, and they will cause many Americans, if their results are against Trump, they will cause many Americans to say it was dirty pool. And what we need more than anything else is the cleanest possible election in 2024 without any political thumbs on the scale of the justice system, which will entitle people to question the election. We need an election, whichever way it comes out, in which every American says this is fair, let's move on."