Jack Smith merchandise flying off online 'shelves' after Trump indictment

By Jen Krausz on
 June 15, 2023

The new trend of merchandising political happenings is on full display on the internet this week, as sellers quickly created and offered merchandise bearing Jack Smith's name and likeness in the wake of the Donald Trump federal indictment for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

Retailers quickly created and posted for sale everything from clothing to mugs and baby blankets. Some of the items were already on sale after Smith was appointed special counsel last year in the case, but sales really took off when Trump was indicted last week.

Some of the most popular merchandise says things like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," a play on a famous movie, or Karma is Jack Smith, a reference to a Taylor Swift song.

There are plenty of Trump-haters in Smith's corner hoping he takes Trump out of political life forever.

But the right has had its market trends too -- remember the Let's Go Brandon hats and t-shirts?

It's just another way to polarize the country more, and a lot of Americans are all too happy to play along.