Jack Smith may seek emergency injunction in Trump documents case

 February 9, 2024

A law professor recently suggested that special counsel Jack Smith might have at least one more trick up his sleeve when it comes to his prosecution of Donald Trump in the classified documents case.

Apparently, Smith might be preparing to seek "an emergency injunction to prevent the public release of top-secret government files."

This is despite the judge in the case saying that keeping the materials from the public isn't necessary.

Judge Aileen Cannon recently listened to Smith's arguments for keeping specific evidence secret, but she thought that Smith's argument "fails to identify the information at issue, provide any explanation about the nature of the investigation, or explain how disclosure of the code name would prejudice or jeopardize the integrity of the separate investigation (assuming it remains ongoing)."

Professor Jeremy Foley suggested that Smith might seek an emergency injunction regarding the issue.

"If the government is concerned that the judge's order will cause harm, it can seek emergency relief from the 11th Circuit, which could stay the order pending review. We should know very soon if that happens," Foley said.