Jack Smith is targeting Donald Trump's top campaign aide: Report

Special Counsel Jack Smith is targeting former President Donald Trump's top campaign manager, Susie Wiles, in connection with the classified documents investigation against the current GOP frontrunner.

Smith's investigation seems to be engaged in some form of intimidation effort against Wiles, who has been a key player in Trump's political endeavors.

Wiles has reportedly "spoken to federal investigators numerous times" after she was contacted for allegedly viewing classified material.

The Trump campaign responded to this by issuing a statement saying, "Jack Smith and the Special Counsel’s investigation is openly engaging in outright election interference and meddling by attacking one of the leaders of President Trump’s re-election campaign."

Considering that Wiles has not been named in the indictment, it certainly appears that Smith's investigation is not only targeting Trump but also targeting those who would dare work with him.

The Trump campaign statement continued saying, "This sham investigation by Joe Biden and his weaponized DOJ are clearly designed to inflict maximum political damage and to prevent President Trump … from reclaiming the White House."