Jack Smith Deputy Tried To 'Flip' Trump Valet: Report

 August 9, 2023

A former federal prosecutor has called out a court filing made in one of the government's cases against Donald Trump, and is calling the situation it describes exactly what it is:


James Trusty, former chief of the Justice Department's organized crime unit, drew comparisons to Trump's case and the claims currently being leveled against President Joe Biden's own family to highlight the serious integrity issues we have going on in the nation's institutions.

Trusty first referred to allegations against Assistant U.S. Attorney for Delaware Lesley Wolf contending that she warned first son Hunter Biden's attorneys in advance "about potential scrutiny on a storage unit the first son used."

Trusty called that "basically obstruction of justice, in my book."

For comparison's sake, Trusty then cited conduct said to have taken place as part of the classified document handling case against Trump, pointing out what he suggested were glaring ethical disparities in the treatment received by counsel for Hunter Biden as opposed to lawyers working on behalf of the former president.

"You had a high-level DOJ official -- according to a statement submitted as an officer-to-the-court, to a federal judge -- told Stanley Woodward, a defense attorney representing Walt Nauta that it would be a shame, essentially, if he endangered his pending judgeship by not flipping Nauta against President Trump," Trusty added.