Jack Smith Asks Supreme Court To Weigh Trump's Immunity Argument

 December 13, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith isn't a fan of waiting around.

Smith wants to help liberals carry out their prosecution of Donald Trump as soon as possible by ruling swiftly on the former president's claim of immunity in the election interference case against him.

Smith wants to move quickly so badly that he went straight to the U.S. Supreme Court to ask for help in doing it.

This is important because it is going to result in the first input that the high court has had in one of the most high-profile court cases in this nation's history.

Never before has an American president been targeted and hunted quite like Trump has, so every move that happens in this case could be a historic one.

Smith said that he needed to be able to move quickly because "This case presents a fundamental question at the heart of our democracy: whether a former President is absolutely immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while in office."