Italian Prince Renouncing Throne To 19-Year-Old Girl

 June 16, 2023

Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy is ready to give up his title.

The Italian prince told Fox News that he is going to renounce his claim to the throne in order for his daughter, Princess Vittoria to take over.

The 19-year-old is currently studying political science and art history in school.

She's a fashion model with approximately 85,000 online followers, but it's hard to tell how many of those were earned versus how many came just because of her title.

"We are in a world where there are a lot of changes, a lot of quick changes, and I really like the approach that today the younger generation can take on uncertain matters," said Emanuele Filiberto. "I do not want to block my daughter until I become very old and perhaps take some wonderful things away from her that she could do."

"At the moment, she’s studying," he concluded. "She also needs to do her life and her career because we are not a reigning monarchy. She has to work to gain money. She loves art history, she wants to open a gallery, she wants to work with young artists. When I feel she is ready, I would be very pleased to do a step behind and let her take the role of chief of the royal family in Italy."