It must be killing Jack Smith to see Trump's poll numbers

November 5, 2023

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith really hates Donald Trump. All you have to do is look at his face when he talks about the former president to see the pure, unadulterated hatred in his eyes.

That's why it must be absolutely horrifying for Smith every time he looks at a GOP presidential poll. Currently, Trump is up 48 points over his nearest challenger in the Morning Consult weekly poll, and that uptick started right about the time Smith indicted Trump for the first time.

Surely Smith thought that indicting Trump twice (along with two other bogus indictments by other prosecutors) would hurt Trump at least a little, but it has been exactly the opposite.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Smith sees how far ahead Trump has gotten, thanks to his decision to bring charges that should have been brought against Hillary Clinton or President Joe Biden, but never were. The backfiring of his hate is some small consolation in the whole mess.

If Smith didn't have a double standard, he wouldn't have any standards at all.

If Trump is elected President in 2024, Smith will only have himself and Biden's incompetence to blame.

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