Israeli lawmakers shown video compilation of Oct. 7 Hamas horrors

November 4, 2023

As news continues to emerge about the true scale of the horror experienced during the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks, members of the Israeli government this week were shown a video created by the country's military outlining some of the unfathomable things that occurred at the hands of the terrorist that fateful day, as Breitbart reports.

Michael Dickson, executive director of Stand With Us Israel explained on X, “Members of the Knesset -- Israel's parliament -- were invited to watch a film prepared by the IDF showing the horrific things that took place during the Hamas massacre of October 7th.”

“Many of them could not make it till the end. They left in tears and shock,” Dickson added.

Further revelations about the true scope of what Israelis suffered last month came from footage of the interrogation of a Hamas terrorist who was involved in the attacks, as Breitbart noted.

The video captures the recollections of Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha, a Hamas terrorist involved in the Oct. 7 onslaught.

When questioned by officials from the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, he described how he and his fellow terrorists were instructed to “kill every person” and then take steps to ensure that they had actually died.

The interviewee declared, “The mission was simply to kill. We weren't supposed to kidnap, just kill. To kill every person we see and come back.”

According to Abu Rusha, nobody was to be spared – including woman and children – on the theory that “all settlers were soliders” and thus were fair game.

Underscoring the unfathomable nature of what went on, Abu Rusha described that whenever the cries of children were heard amid the killing, he and his fellow attackers kept firing to make sure the job was done.

“We heard sounds of young children. The cries of young children. A young child, something like that. I shot and Abu Kamil shot,” he said. "We shot at the door. Until we didn't hear noise anymore.”

As if the terrorist's own words describing what took place were not terrible enough, Eli Beer, the head of United Hatzalah, an Israeli volunteer EMS organization, has stepped forward to describe what he saw in the aftermath of the attacks, as the New York Post reports.

According to Beer, in one especially nightmarish scenario, Hamas terrorist had cut open the stomach of an expectant mother, “took out the baby, and stabbed the little tiny baby in front of her and then shot her in front of her family” before murdering them as well.

Beer went on, “We saw a little baby in an oven. These bastards put these babies in an oven and put on the oven.”

Echoing the sentiments of many of his countrymen, Beer opined, “These are not regular enemies, these are not regular situations,” and as such, it does not appear likely that any significant cessation in Israel's military response to them will take hold any time soon.

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