Israeli Airstrikes Kill Senior Hamas Naval Operative

October 13, 2023

Israel is fighting back.

According to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), one airstrike conducted on Oct. 12 killed one of the most important men in the ranks of Hamas.

Muhammad Abu Shamla was a senior Hamas naval operative in the Rafah Brigade.

He USED to be a naval operative. Now he's dead.

"IDF aircraft struck Muhammad Abu Shamla, a senior Hamas naval operative in the Rafah Brigade. Abu Shamla's residence was used to store naval weapons designated for terror against the State of Israel," the Israeli Defense Force said.

"Right now we are focused on taking out their senior leadership," said Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, an Israeli military spokesman. "Not only the military leadership, but also the governmental leadership, all the way up to top Hamas leader Yehiyeh Sinwar. They were directly connected."

"The Nukhba elite forces consist of terrorists selected by senior Hamas operatives, designated to carry out terrorist attacks such as ambushes, raids, assaults, infiltration through terror tunnels, as well as anti-tank missile, rocket, and sniper fire," the IDF continued. "The Nukhba elite forces were one of the leading forces that infiltrated the State of Israel in order to carry out murderous acts of terror against its civilians."

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