Israel Vows To Attack Iran If Hezbollah Joins War

October 24, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed only a three-word phrase to explain exactly what is at stake in his country's war in Gaza.

"Do or die."

Netanyahu recently had the chance to put up or shut up.

He has emphatically chosen to put up.

And if Iran joins the war against Israel?

Netanyahu says he has a little extra in the reserve tank he's saving just for that special occasion.

If the terror group Hezbollah, which is funded by Iran, joins the conflict and starts fighting against Israel, then Benji has promised to unleash counterstrikes of "unimaginable" magnitude that would bring "devastation" against any enemies of Israel.

"I cannot tell you right now if Hezbollah will decide to enter the (Gaza) war fully," Netanyahu said. He did, however, promise that it would be the "mistake of Hezbollah's life" if they did.

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