Israel saved Hamas leader's life with brain surgery while he was in prison

November 6, 2023

It turns out that Israel has proof that it treats its enemies well, even the ones that come back and try to kill again.

According to the Times of Israel in 2017, prison doctors saved the life of Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader behind the brutal attack on Israel, by giving him life-saving brain surgery for a brain tumor while he was serving multiple life sentences for murdering two Israeli soldiers in 1988.

Sinwar recovered and was released in a prisoner exchange in 2011, according to the Times.

“When they say they are not being treated well, I would ask you and others to give a phone call to one specific person, Yahya Sinwar, who is alive nowadays just because of life-saving surgery he was given,” she said about complaints at the time that prisoners in Israel were not treated well.

Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant now says he will kill Sinwar as part of eliminating Hamas from Gaza.

If the residents of Gaza kill Sinwar themselves, he said, they will help end the war sooner.

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