Israel reports that it has killed Hamas leader suspected of planning October 7th terrorist attack

October 15, 2023

The Israeli Air Force claims that it has killed Ali Qadhi, a commander in the Najaba force of Hamas, who is suspected of being the mind behind the horrific terrorist attacks on Israel on Oct. 7th.

The IDF issued a statement saying, "Ali Qadhi led the inhumane, barbaric October 7 massacre of civilians in Israel. We just eliminated him. All Hamas terrorists will meet the same fate."

Qadhi was originally arrested by Israel in 2005 but was set free as part of a prisoner swap after six years of incarceration.

His release as part of a prisoner swap turned out to be a big mistake, as he went right back to spreading terror, and Israel claims he is the man primarily responsible for the horrific terrorist attacks that stunned the world.

No matter what Qadhi's real role in the assaults was, we know he was an important part of Hamas' leadership.

Now Qadhi is dead and not only have the dead been avenged in part, but Hamas will be permanently crippled from a loss of leadership.

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