Israel Kills Top Hamas Weapons Developer

 November 9, 2023

It's hard to get excited about too much when the reason for the following news is the fact that hundreds and hundreds of innocent Israelis were killed last month, but Israel appears to have scored an important victory in its battle against Hamas.

Israel has reportedly killed Hamas' top weapons developer.

The Israeli Defense Forces said on Nov. 8 that it had killed the top Hamas weapons manufacturer with an air and ground offensive targeting the terrorist tunnels beneath Gaza City.

Critics of Hamas often argue that it intentionally builds war tunnels below places like playgrounds and schools, using women and children as human meat shields to protect its own operatives from attacks.

As such, Israel is working to make sure that the organization that claimed responsibility for the rape and murder of hundreds of innocent civilians in a single attack are unable to launch an onslaught like that again.

This is a start.