Israel confirms women were raped during Hamas terrorist attack

October 12, 2023

The Hamas-led attack on Israel, which began last Saturday, was horrifying in nature, for many reasons.

Aside from the number of dead innocent Israelis, according to Breitbart, NBC News foreign correspondent Raf Sanchez confirmed via Israeli authorities that many women were sexually assaulted during the cowardly terrorist attack.

There had been initial reports of rapes taking place as Hamas raided villages and killed men, women, and children, including babies and the elderly, but until President Joe Biden's phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the rapes hadn't been confirmed by Israeli authorities.

Sanchez described the horrifying update during an MSNBC interview.

"I want to update you on a little bit of breaking news. You watched in the last hour as President Biden emerged from that very, very long phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The president visibly enraged as he described the atrocities," he said.

Sanchez added, "Just the last couple minutes, we got the readout from the Israeli side of that phone call and it gives a little bit of an insight into why the president felt so strongly. The Israeli prime minister told President Biden that what happened on Saturday was barbarism that has not been seen since the Holocaust."

Sanchez was referring to President Biden's fiery speech after his phone call with Netanyahu.

He continued his report, noting that Biden had compared the atrocities that took place during the attack to the Holocaust.

"He talked about hundreds of people were slaughtered. And for the first time, an Israeli official saying on the record that women were raped as part of this attack. It has been very widely reported but there is the first time officially it is being said by an Israeli official," he said.

Sanchez added, "He talks about Israeli soldiers being beheaded after they were killed by the Hamas militants. And he continues these comparisons to the Holocaust."

Multiple reports also surfaced that in one village attacked by Hamas, several infants were found murdered, many of them decapitated.

So far, thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and injured in the attack carried out by Hamas terrorists.

Israel's leadership has vowed to decimate those responsible, and has already began a large-scale air-attack on targets in the Gaza Strip.

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