Is Barack Obama to blame for America's current political crisis?

 July 9, 2024

Could Barack Obama be the person we should be blaming for America's current political crisis?

Andrew Stiles at the Washington Free Beacon thinks so. To prove it, he recently listed SIX reasons why America's current political crisis is Barack Obama's fault.

1) Barack Obama ran for office in the first place. He had no business doing this, as he'd only been in the Senate for two years.

2) Barack Obama picked Joe Biden. Another Democrat could have been running in 2020 if Joe hadn't been previously elevated by Barack.

3) Barack Obama made fun of Trump. Have you ever made somebody so mad that they became president of the United States of America? That's exactly what Obama did to Trump.

4) Barack Obama destroyed America's greatness. If he hadn't, Donald Trump wouldn't have had a platform based entirely on the concept ot making it great again.

5) Barack Obama supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. He was powerful enough at the time where he could have suggested his party put up a reasonable candidate.

6) Barack Obama failed to stop Biden from running again.

Do you agree with the six reasons Stiles put forward?

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